Lane Assist, Parking Assist and Now Voice Assist.

A popular topic at this years CES was automotive manufacturers partnering with or developing their own voice-assist technology to take the car drivers experience to the next level. The focus and popularity of integrating this technology showcase how innovative and changing the automotive industry are. The sector is at the forefront of creating some truly cutting-edge technology. And with this change, comes a need for some amazing talent and new emerging careers that will be needed in this sector. More and more technically inclined folks and creative folks are needed – Youth or people already in the workforce whom are interested in a career in computer science, programming, or digital design and UX – shift your thinking and explore how rewarding the automotive industry will be.

“Hey Alexa: Search BC Auto Careers for job openings in tech?”

Toyota is turning to Alexa to bolster its voice-recognition capability. Many automakers have struggled with voice recognition software for years, causing a clunky or ineffective user experience. Amazon’s technology will be offered in certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with special infotainment software beginning in 2018 and expanding into more models in 2019. Read the entire article here.


Kia is jumping on the Google Assistant train at CES this year. The automaker announced that the voice assistant will perform some vehicle functions on a handful of its 2018 models. Kia says the agent is capable of remotely starting and stopping the vehicle’s ignition, locking and unlocking the car, and remotely activating the horn and lights through the Assistant or app. Read the entire article here.


Combining both voice assists, Panasonic announced it has worked with Google on a new generation of automotive infotainment systems, and at the same time is working with Amazon to give in-car Alexa capabilities. Read the entire article here.


Not to be outdone, and joining many of the other automotive brands to talk voice-assist, Mercedes came to Las Vegas this year to say it built its own voice assistant, along with a new user experience for drivers. Read the entire article here.

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