Automotive Glass Technician

An Automotive Glass Technician is responsible for removing, installing, repairing and generally servicing all types of stationary and movable glass in motor vehicles.


  • Able-bodied

  • Good with my hands

  • Resourceful

  • Visually perceptive

Personality Traits

  • Content working independently

  • Eager to learn

  • Focused with good attention to detail

  • Mechanically inclined

Salary range







Career Roadmap

  • 1

    Shop Helper (Entry Level Position)

  • 2

    Registered Apprentice (Mid Level Position)

  • 3

    Certified Auto Glass Technician

  • 4

    Foreman / Technical supervisor (Advancement)

  • 5

    Shop Manager (Advancement)

Keys to Success

  • Certified Auto Glass Technician
  • Valid BC driver's license
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to multi task
  • Strong problem solving skills.

Job Training

An Auto Glass Technician requires post-secondary technical training. The following training programs are available.