Did you know? Over 47% of the workforce in the automotive industry will be retiring in the next 5 to 10 years!

Our industry is at a critical stage to meet current and future labour market needs. With over 30,000 jobs opening up in the next five years covering all areas from trades to sales and business ownership, the automotive sector requires focus and attention to encourage people to join our industry. The British Columbia Automotive Sector Alliance (BCASA) is working hard to shift people’s minds to start thinking about a career in the automotive sector.

Who is BCASA? We are the unified voice of labour market needs for B.C.’s automotive sector. We align organizations, businesses, early education, post-secondary and job seekers to explore careers within this in-demand sector. BCASA provides in-depth information on the labour market, job postings, employer and employee resources, and more importantly helps facilitate conversations throughout the industry. Our vision is to become the authority on everything automotive careers by becoming the voice for careers to meet the industry demands through outreach, engagement, marketing and promotional activities.

What are we up to? BCASA has been active in many events including various educational careers fairs on both the lower mainland and the island, university career fairs, employment centre speaking sessions, as well as talking to planning 10 classes in high schools about automotive careers.

BCASA joined several other automotive retailers at the 97th Vancouver International Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This was a great forum to connect with one of our key target markets: car enthusiasts. The Show provided a great platform to connect with current and potential talent as well as employers to build brand awareness and promote BCASA’s work. The booth was well visited, ranging from young kids, teens and parents to those looking to return back to the workforce or change careers. More importantly, the booth was an open forum to talk to women who have never really thought about the automotive industry as a career option. BCASA is working hard to break the stigma that the automotive industry is male dominated and is openly welcoming more women to explore the automotive world.

Skills Canada BC as well as the Industry Training Authority (ITA)  joined BCASA to promote auto careers. The crowd was drawn to the Paint Simulator provided by Vancouver Community College (VCC), the gravity car ramp was educational yet interactive for all ages, and the 3D technology used for learning driven by BCIT showcased how this industry is . The ITA supported us from the trades point of view and was able to help future talent understand how apprenticeships work. Overall, the booth was busy and people were engaged!

What is next?

BCASA was very busy with events. In addition to the Auto Show, we attended the LordCo Tradeshow and was a sponsor for the Skills Canada BC Provincial Competitions. We will be attending many more events in the future, as well as continue to do our work with the planning 10 classes. BCASA has many exciting projects coming up, including significant work with outreach and partnership projects with industry, developing webinars, tools and resources and continue to connect talent with employers who are hiring. It is an exciting time to be in this industry and we are looking forward to working with and for the automotive industry to address the labour issues and work to drive our industry forward.

Where can you learn more? Or help?

Navigate over to BCAutoCareers.ca and learn more about the organization and our work. If you are interested in working with us, contact Lynette Sawyer at bcautocareers@gmail.com.

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