We continue to expand on an article from the globe and mail about attracting and recruiting talent in Canada. In this post, we expand on one of the five strategies as outlined in the article – today being: Letting your employees grow.

From digital literacy to mentoring / coaching programs, there are many other areas where you can allow your employees grow – personally and professionally. Alphabet, Apple, Salesforce, L’Oreal – just some of the companies that have perks and benefits for employee development that attract and recruit talent in droves. Some tactics include:

1. Encourage Professional Development

Design an incentive program that will provide funds or subsidizes for learning opportunities for your employees that are in direct relation to their career, or to help an employee develop another skill set that can fill a gap in your organization.

Source local post-secondary or employment resource centre continuing education programs that can offer programming to your employee to upgrade their skills. Employees greatly appreciate when organizations are attuned to their professional growth.

Create a development plan.

A development plan can be helpful in guiding an employees career progression. Detail areas which they excel at (for mentoring opportunities), areas they need more experience in, as well as skills and experience they would like to be exposed too. This will provide you the employer and the employee with a roadmap to help them grow over the year. At the end of the year, during their performance review, you can look at the accomplishments, and develop a new plan for the next year.

Pair employees with mentors.

As is our last post, a mentoring / coaching program you develop can help employees. Create your own program internally, or seek out other mentorship programs in your local area that you can connect your employees with.

Help them build their networks.

Networking – as traditional as it can be – is still a very effective way of growing your skills and abilities, and also assisting in potentially finding a mentor. Encourage your employees to attend local networking events, have different employees attend and work industry events, or have them work more in the community.

Challenge employees with assignments.

As part of a development plan, or an employee review process, inquire and outline the areas in which your employees would like to grow. Bring them into projects which they can learn and challenge themselves.

The Canadian Education & Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) recently funded the publication of a playbook for career management entitled Retain and Gain, which emphasizes the importance of supporting employee growth. The playbook asserts that highly engaged employees are three times more likely to do something good for their organization. Show employees their value to your organization. You can buy your own copy here – or come back when we review the book ourselves and provide helpful tips!