We continue to expand on an article from the globe and mail about attracting and recruiting talent in Canada. This week we are exploring and expanding on the five strategies as outlined in the article – with the second being: Committing to digital literacy.

Technology is very much a part of our daily lives – at home and at work. Increasingly, technological innovations are making their way into products and services, how we work and also potentially eliminating positions.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) anticipates significant change in the labour market with impending technological innovation; 9 per cent of jobs may be at risk of elimination and 32 per cent may find their job duties changing.

It’s important to ensure your company and also your employees are up to date, or trained on your digital systems.

Include as Part of Your Employee Development

Every employee’s digital literacy will be different, and younger employees could teach older employees on how to use computers and new systems within the industry. As part of our employee development or performance development, include digital literacy as part of their yearly training requirements.


There are a lot of resources online and in person you can access for free or paid that can help your employees. Take an inventory of your employees and their needs and source potential training resources for them. Or review our website for potential classes or links to classes that you can send your employees too. We have outlined some resources for online training for digital literacy:

Microsoft Digital Literacy


Digital Literacy Project

Industry Training

Technology in cars, as well as, technology in automotive business operations are changing. As part of our operational and business plan, include a cost allocation for training yearly. Make sure to sign up and keep up to date on your automotive brands training as well as potential new tools from tech and software companies.