Every year on the third week of October, Canadians celebrate small businesses, their achievements and the invaluable contributions to the communities they serve. Ninety-eight per cent of all businesses in British Columbia are small businesses, in total employing over one million people.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada face numerous challenges today, but none more pressing than the shortage of skilled labour. Today’s auto industry workforce requires a wide variety of skills, and there are huge career opportunities for those looking for jobs in a stable, growing industry. Expansion, combined with a current workforce where 47 per cent of the industry will be retiring within ten years, means big opportunity for the next generation of employees!

With nearly half of the sector’s workforce anticipated to retire over the next decade, this means that within the next ten years, there will be substantial increases in the number of opportunities at various small, medium and large dealerships across British Columbia. Approximately 20,000 new job positions will be opening up across the automotive sector, from positions in trades, such as automotive mechanics to positions in finance, marketing, business development and human resources.

But dealers provide more than just new vehicles and job opportunities for British Columbians. Dealers, especially small new car dealers, often have deep roots, with community ties anchoring them to their hometowns.

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