First Up in our blog series “Day in the Life” is from our friends at Trotman Auto Group. Read how Steven Lu describes his day being a sales consultant at Abbotsford Hyundai.

Some people say that being an Automotive Sales Consultant is a hard job, but I would like to raise my hand and slightly disagree with this notion. I love being a Sales Consultant and have lots of fun doing it. I get up in the morning and go to work at Abbotsford Hyundai. I make new friends and they drive me around town in a new vehicle. When we get back to the dealership, I want to make sure my new friend gets all of the information they need to make an informed and comfortable decision. This is where I get to show my friends how affordable their new vehicle is today. Armed with an infectious smile, a charming personality that I got from my momma, and skin thicker than any scar tissue; I brave the elements of Mother Nature and let all of my new friends know that I want to be their sales consultant, their partner’s sales consultant, and their neighbour’s sales consultant for life.

There’s an old saying “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Vehicle sales are a great example of this. You never know who’s going to pull up next. Some arrive after viewing my YouTube videos, some after I’ve spoken with them from a warm lead and some just stop in while out for a walk around the auto mall. Regardless of which step they are in the buying process, everyone gets the VIP service treatment. After all, I understand that if I don’t sell them a vehicle today, I may never see them ever again.

As much as we all may want to believe that clients just want to go home and think about it, they’re most likely going to another dealership and buying a vehicle from the next sales consultant they speak with. The urgency to have them driving home today in a new vehicle is real. The VIP treatment includes a great cup of freshly brewed coffee and a world class vehicle walk-around (something I’ve learned to master from our TAG Walk-around Competitions). After all jokes are set aside, we start getting into the nitty gritty – payment options. Once we have an agreement, I ask if I can make them famous and get their autograph on the dotted line. Happiness fills me knowing that I am able to get them into a vehicle that best suits their needs.

This is where I disagree that vehicles sales is a hard job. It’s not… It’s not at a job at all, it’s a lifestyle. I’m on social media constantly working to build my brand, “slusellscars”. I have a YouTube channel where potential new friends can see me and get a sense of who I actually am past just a business card, and I make myself available just about any time of the day. Vehicles are the second most expensive purchase a person will make in their life. Other than real estate in the Lower Mainland, it’s also a purchase that will recycle multiple times. How many people have only driven one vehicle in their life? I know that I’ve that already gone through 4 so far, and I’m surely going to go through 4 more. Such a large purchase requires the service of not just anyone working a “job”, but a truly Professional Sales Consultant. That’s what we consider ourselves at Trotman Auto Group. We’re not sales people, we’re consultants. In a transparent and comfortable manner and at any pace my new friend prefers, I’m the liaison between them and the manufacturer. With so much competition out there, you better believe that I want to be the best Sales Consultant in the business.

When I first began my career in Automotive Sales, the best advice I ever received was; “Don’t count it as a sale until the taillights are traveling down the road”.Each time I bolt the new plates on a vehicle and see those taillights  drive into the sunset, I know that I’ve added one more friend to my social media page, and someone will share how great their experience was. Got to go.. There’s a potential new friend that pulled up on the lot.

Steven Lu
Sales Consultant, Abbotsford Hyundai
Trotman Auto Group